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Special care products for your staircase

TreppenArt offers you a special care programme adjusted to the needs of the lacquer system of your stairs. By applying these agents your stairs will be additionally protected from abrasion and will be given a high resistance against scratches and stress marks thus achieving a long-lasting preservation of the value of your custom-made staircase. Order this care package and you will maintain the beauty of your precious stairs.

TreppenArt - basic cleaner
Price incl. VAT plus dispatch 24,99 EUR

Removes efficiently all grease layers and your original lacquer surface will shine like new.

TreppenArt - full care
Price incl. VAT plus dispatch 34,99 EUR

Provides your stairs with a protective film making it highly resistant against scratches and stress marks. A long-lasting embellishment of your stairs.

You can obtain the TreppenArt care products (by TreppenArt) from our sellers.
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